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Uzkon Mod H-450


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        High pressure gas spring (hereinafter referred to as HP). It is pumped with nitrogen (N) at the most optimal pressure for the corresponding model of a spring-piston air rifle. All gas springs are equipped with a pressure regulating (bleeding) assembly. The GP will allow you to carry the rifle in the cocked state for a long time without any deterioration in performance characteristics (tactical and technical characteristics), reduce recoil, shot noise, increase the rifle's resource by 5 times and improve accuracy when firing. Under optimal operating conditions, the resource is up to 8-10 yew. shots without refueling. The advantage of gas springs in comparison with conventional metal springs is that their stiffness coefficient does not change over time, which means greater stability of the rifle's characteristics due to the absence of spring shrinkage. All our GPs are tested and pressurized for overpressure, which means that you get a reliable, proven high quality product that will not let you down in any weather from -20 to +40 * C. Gas springs use special lubricants that work optimally under extreme conditions.

       When ordering a gas spring, you can specify the power option: relaxed, standard, reinforced, your own version. The standard power is close to the native coil spring or slightly higher, for each rifle model its optimal pressure is selected. When ordering a gas spring: Specify your version of the pressure you need, which should be in your gas spring.

     When ordering, the possibility of choosing the power option of the gas spring (GP):




4.your option

   Here you can:

  •  buy a gas spring with a guarantee and with further maintenance service (MOT);
  •  install a gas spring on your rifle;
  •  make at any time maintenance and repair of gas springs purchased from us and gas springs from well-known manufacturers of PPP rifles: Hatsan (VORTEX GAS PISTON), Benjamin (Nitro Piston), Crosman (Nitro Piston), Cometa (Gas Power System), Diana (N .TEC) Gamo (Inert Gas Technology), BSA (Gas Ram Technology), Norica (Gas Ram System), Magtech, Latek "Chaika" (GP) and others.
  •  adjust the power of the gas spring for your rifle for a specific type of bullet and a specific bullet speed.
  • order for individual production of a gas spring, which you did not find in our store, for any PPP rifle with a lateral piston engagement, as well as GP for some airsoft rifles.

      High quality, selection of the optimal power of the GP, extended warranty for all products. Warranty and post-warranty service of gas springs. Selling both wholesale and retail. Also manufacturing of GP by individual sizes.

Gas spring
Gas inside the gas spring cylinder nitrogen
Maintenance, adjustment, pressure relief unit there is
Pressure inside the cylinder of the gas spring Relaxed, standard, reinforced: from 50 to 170 atm. (kgf / cm2), of your choice: From 5 to 250 atm. (kgf / cm2).
Guarantee 12 months

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Gas spring for air rifle Uzkon Mod H-450

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